How do you shave with a razor?

You should now have built your lather and put it on your face. There are three important things to remember when you shave with a razor:

  1. The angle of the blade to your face. Around 30 degrees is generally the best angle, making sure only the edge of the blade actually touches your skin.
  2. The pressure you put on the blade. If you have previously used disposable razors, it is likely that you will push way too hard. That can actually be dangerous with a true razor. Instead, you need to be incredibly gentle. With a wet shave, you don't remove hairs through pressure, you remove them through repetition.
  3. Patience, which is an absolute requirement because you will have to pass each part of your face several times before you finish. Start by going with the grain of your hair growth, then reapply your lather and repeat. Reapply the lather again and then go against the grain of your bead.